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14-Bit Colour Depth – Phenomenal Dynamic Range

Just how much information is waiting to be retrieved in a 14 bit #Pentax645z raw photo file? This before (using... Read More →

Yippee-Ki-Yay! Helen Ballard Fights Her Way to Quarter Finals!

Helen and The Fall Creek Ten ride into the Quarterfinals of The Tracking Boards best Feature Screenplay. Yippee-Ki-Yay! Just one... Read More →

Helen Ballard and Fall Creek Ten shortlisted on The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad

Very pleased to announce that mine and Steve’s Western Thriller has been shortlisted for the Tracking Board’s top feature script.... Read More →

Helen Ballard and The Fall Creek Ten Saddle-up for Helsinki

As Westerns return to favour with global moviegoers, Galluzzo & Chatterton’s Helen Ballard and The Fall Creek Ten gets corralled by Focal... Read More →

New Screenplays

When her mother and brother are murdered by a mysterious beast while traveling through her father’s mining territory, HELEN BALLARD joins a motley crew of 10 hunters, trackers and killers to find the culprit and bring him, or it, to justice. read more
In the closing days of an interplanetary war, a smuggler rescues a lifepod containing two beautiful women who are sworn enemies and willing to use any means necessary to make him pick a side. read more
When Santa’s old nemesis, an evil horned beast known as The Krampus, unleashes psycho teddy bears inside Santa’s workshop, Santa must put down the nutmeg and pick up his sword. read more
A group of 30-somethings honour a mate’s dying wish and go on a weeklong canal boating trip in Wales to scatter his ashes. But with four guys, four girls and a very small boat this task is easier said than done. read more
A fish-out-of-water in the American Heartland, a washed-up British footballer falls for a beautiful Soccer-mom and agrees to coach her son’s (13) team, pulling them out of the cellar and becoming a tabloid sensation back in the UK. read more

DARK ENGINE and Prisoner’s Dilemma Fire Up With New Website

Unleash your imagination and explore the first chapter of the DARK ENGINE trilogy – a Sci-Fi Noir

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